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There used to be an occasion when the casino chips flew steadily through the worn green felt of an half-dozen poker tables for the new side of Virginia Street. Reno's big casinos with the 1940's and 1950's, like Harrah's, Harold's Club plus the Bank Club all wished to keep the clientele to themselves, plus an imaginary line was drawn across the business area on the downtown area.
That imaginary line eventually became an authentic line that this City Council refused to cross to permit Ernie Primm a license for his Primadonna Club. They had the authority to deny him a gaming license, and so they did this for more than four years. Even a holiday to the Nevada Supreme Court cannot get him a full-gaming license.
After much press coverage, lawsuits and hard work, Ernie was eventually able to open his club. Just a few doors around the Reno Horseshoe immediately followed in 1956.
While the upstairs in the Horseshoe housed the typical games of blackjack, roulette and craps, down an elegant stairway emerge the middle with the casino, players found poker action.
Harold Smith, Sr., web-sites Harold's Club directly across North Virginia Street in the Horseshoe, liked in the future into your small casino and fire away on the craps game. Sometimes he put a whole lot action in to the game that his or her own club ran tight on hundred-dollar bills for their own customers.
When he is at an even more sedate mood, Harold would walk on wobbly legs on the stairs, careful to never spill his drink, and crash at one with the poker tables. His opposition on any night might are the occasional drop-in player from away like “Titanic” Thompson or “Nick the Greek,” although Nick much preferred craps and faro.
On a lively night, the gang played $40 condition. The first player anted $40, the next player caused it to be $80 or folded, the 3rd player managed to make it $160 to search along with the fourth got $320 to look – whilst the earlier players followed making use of their chips to capture track of the $320 bet, $1280 who are holding cards. The game was always table stakes, today's no-limit.
It had not been uncommon because there to get $200,000 within the table without notice this also is at the 1950's. By the time the 1970's rolled around, the games were tamer, but nonetheless lively. Most on the poker around Reno was for the MGM and Harrah's, but even once Bob Cashell what food was in charge on the Horseshoe a long time later, a superb game of poker could always be found.

In the late 1970's, the Horseshoe a resurgence, plus a single game downstairs ran all the time. It was one with the best games around and featured drop-ins like David Sklansky, and Hans "Tuna" Lund, together with regulars like Joe Harold, Paul Fellner and Roy Ritner.

For a little while, Jim Monaco what food was in charge with the room, and once the sport got rocking they played one with the only no-limit games in Northern Nevada. While the boys from down South loved Hold'em, the blokes from Reno and Lake Tahoe were a new comer to the sport, and even though it absolutely was a dealer's choice game, the locals insisted on other games.

One with their favorites was one they made up: Five Card stud, hi-low split declare, roll-your-own. You had to declare whether you had been going high or low, is actually two cards dealt face-down to get started on the sport, you might roll either of your respective down cards to be the next up-card. The game was awesome.

If you cherish no-limit, now there are an abundance of games in Reno spreading Hold-em no limit, most that has a $1 and $2 blind structure. Nobody spreads a Five Card stud game anymore. It's Pokerdom's loss. As for the Horseshoe, it too is actually gone from Reno's landscape. We miss it.

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